MedLife takes over 55pc of the Humanitas Hospital in Cluj-Napoca

MedLife has taken over a 55% stake in Valdi Medica, which owns the Humanitas Hospital in Cluj, and offers medical services focused on surgical treatments, according to a press release issued on Tuesday by the company.

The Humanitas Hospital in Cluj also holds in its portfolio medical specialties that support surgery through preoperative consultations, postoperative treatments and follow-up.

“We entered the market in Cluj-Napoca as early as 2008, with the opening of a laboratory and a centre of occupational medicine. In 2015, we expanded and opened the first MedLife Hyperclinic in Cluj, becoming the first medical operator to provide ambulatory, imaging and laboratory solutions to the people of Cluj. We wanted a lot to add the hospital service. With the takeover of the majority stake of Valdi Medica SRL, we become the first national operator to have a hospital unit in Cluj, and we can do so with a high calibre team of doctors. We intend with our partners to substantially develop the hospital in the immediate future and to become the largest private provider of integrated medical services in Cluj,” said Mihai Marcu, president and general manager of MedLife.

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