PM Ciolacu mentions potential electoral alliance with PNL

The PSD chairman and Prime Minister, Marcel Ciolacu, declared on Tuesday that the priority of the PSD-PNL coalition is to defend Romania from extremism. During the “Living better with Europe” event, Marcel Ciolacu did not rule out an electoral alliance with PNL and stated that he wants to announce the electoral calendar for all elections this year on Wednesday.

We’ve all stuck around the values that define us. None of us tried to seek votes, change our opinions or try to compromise with extremist groups that would have diverted us from the path we have to take. I want to live in a free Romania, in a free Europe. I don’t want our opponents to die suddenly by shootings or poisoned. I believe that I do not want Romania to be a vassal of the Russian Federation. That is why the elections on 9 June across Europe are very important. Communication between important European families, which defend democracy, is a very important thing,” Marcel Ciolacu said on Tuesday.

He also pointed out that there are no parties that can obtain the majority to govern alone and that the dialogue between the parties is important, with the aim of defending Romania from extremism.

“I don’t think that in Europe, at this moment, a party will be able to do 50% by itself. I think that dialogue will be essential after June 9, at the European level. In our country, there are many discussions. You know that we have a coalition made between two big parties, PSD and PNL. Our priority, regardless of which party we belong to, is to defend Romania from extremism”, Ciolacu said.
Asked about the merger of the elections and about joint lists of candidates, Marcel Ciolacu declared himself “firmly convinced” that both he and Nicolae Ciucă will answer these questions tomorrow (Wednesday). I am firmly convinced that tomorrow, both I and President Nicolae Ciucă will answer these questions. It is incorrect, during negotiations and discussions, for me to tell you how it will be done. I want to make the best decision together with President Nicolae Ciucă regarding Romanians and Romania’s future and Romania’s stability. Let’s see what the final proposal is, it is not a negotiation on functions. There are two programs to harmonize, because we will definitely come up with a program. It is a very clear path against the extremism in Romania that exists at the moment and we have to recognize this and we will also see the perception of the Romanians in case we decide.”
Marcel Ciolacu was also asked if this means that PSD and PNL will form an electoral alliance. One of the solutions is an electoral alliance or a political alliance, which will give stability to Romania. As the prime minister, I want to announce the entire election calendar tomorrow”, Marcel Ciolacu also declared.
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  • nobo

    I didn’t get his message. What that means? The simpler the message the more votes party gains.