Romania gets European recognition and protection for ‘Sibiu Salami’

‘Sibiu Salami’ has been registered as a product of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), following the publication by the EU’s Official Journal of the European Commission’s implementing regulations on February 9th, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) states.
It is Romania’s second approved product, after the Topoloveni plum jam in 2011.
“Romania has already secured the protection for ‘Sibiu Salami’ at European level, but protection comes officially into force 20 days after its publication by the EU’s Official Journal, as required by European regulation. Soon ‘Telemeaua Ibăneşti’ (Ibanesti feta cheese) could be protected, because in terms of time, the documents for it were submitted before the ones for ‘Sibiu Salami’, however, there was a challenge from Greece, who wanted its feta cheese to be unaffected. We clarified the situation and I think within a month at the most we’ll get protection for it. Then it will be the turn for ‘Smoked Novac’, Minister of Agriculture Achim Irimescu said on Friday.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the announcement on ‘Sibiu Salami’ registration as a product of Protected Geographical Indication was published on Friday, February 19th, by the Official Journal of the European Union.
Romania has a tradition of over 100 years in producing ‘Sibiu Salami’, for which there is documentation certifying that the product’s production began in 1910, simultaneously in two different areas of Romania, Sibiu area (Medias) and the Prahova Valley.

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