Romanian Army is hiring 4,000 soldiers

The Romanian Army is kicking off one of the biggest recruitment campaigns. The Ministry of Defense is looking for 4,000 soldiers, and in the next month those who want to become military personnel can register at the recruitment centers in each county.

The Ministry of National Defense announced on Tuesday that it is starting a campaign to hire professional soldiers for the forces structure of the Romanian Army. According to a press release from the Ministry of Defense, one of the largest recruitment and selection campaigns is being organized at the level of the forces structure of the Romanian Army for the occupation of 4,159 positions of professional soldiers/grades.

Thus, according to the quoted source, between May 2 and June 16, candidates who choose to acquire the quality of professional soldier can apply for registration in the zonal, county or sector military centers (as the case may be) in whose area of ​​responsibility they are domiciled.

The candidate recruitment and selection calendar is as follows: registration: May 2 – June 16; psychological assessment, motor capacity assessment, interview: May 22 – June 23; medical examination: June 6 – 30; the final deadline for drawing up the files: July 21.

The addresses of the military centers can be found by accessing the links: and, informs the ministry.

Professional soldiers and high ranked ones (SGP) constitute the largest body of military personnel and perform execution functions specific to fighters and military specialists, within team, crew, combat post or group/similar microstructures.

The SGP can also perform command functions at the level of these microstructures, says MApN, which adds that the SGP directly participates in the process of individual and collective training, ensures the operation and maintenance of equipment and weaponry and the training infrastructure and can perform security missions of military objectives.

“Along with the other soldiers, the SGP have the noble mission of preserving the integrity and sovereignty of the state, of defending the citizens of the country. They are also called in any situation that affects the normal development of life (calamities, natural or technological disasters, etc.)”, a press release explains.

The SGP is the main source of training for non-commissioned officers in activity and they can be selected for training programs for military foremen in activity, as well as in order to participate in courses organized for admission to higher education or in the training course for active officers, the Ministry also states Defense.

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