The 3-month ROBOR index reached 7.36%

The 3-month ROBOR index, based on which the cost of consumer loans in lei with variable interest is calculated, rose to 7.36% per year on Friday.

In the last 30 days, the index has increased by 1.18%. At the beginning of this year, the 3-month ROBOR index was 3.02% per annum.

A higher level was also recorded on February 2, 2010, when the 3-month ROBOR was 7.84%.

The 6-month index, used in the calculation of interest on mortgage loans in lei with variable interest, increased to 7.54%, and the 12-month ROBOR rose to 7.68%. Regarding the reference index for consumer loans (IRCC), regulated by GEO 19/2019, it is 2.65% per year.


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