Another Italian City Offers €30,000 to Move There

Presicce, a charming town in sunny Puglia, joins the trend of luring residents by offering up to 30,000 euros to purchase vacant homes, CNN reports.

The location is exquisite, surrounded by the nature of the Salento area in the heel of Italy’s boot and close to the turquoise beaches of Santa Maria di Leuca.

The homes available for sale in this deal are priced at approximately 25,000 euros. Similar to other affordable properties on the market in Italy, these houses have been abandoned by their original owners long ago.

Local authorities in Presicce hope the cash incentive offer will breathe new life into their depopulated town, where there are fewer newborns every year. There are many empty houses in the historic center, built before 1991, which we would like to see alive again with new residents. It’s a shame to witness how our old neighborhoods full of history, wonderful architecture and art are slowly emptying out,” said local councilor Alfredo Palese.

The details of the agreement are currently being finalized, Palese adds, but authorities are ready to release applications in the coming weeks, when the information will be available on the city hall’s website. We will offer up to €30,000 to people who want to move here and buy one of these abandoned homes. The total funding will be divided in two: it will go partly to the purchase of an old house and partly to its restyling, if necessary,” explained Palese.

Walking along the town’s meandering cobblestone alleys feels like a journey through history, with well-preserved historical sites and charming architecture narrating the stories of Presicce’s vibrant heritage. Discover its hidden gems, including stunning churches and bustling markets, where you can savor the authentic local cuisine. Find more here.

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