Barcelona Removes Bus Line from Google Maps to Hide it from Tourists

Barcelona’s local council has convinced the developers of some of the most popular digital mapping solutions to hide a bus route because of tourists. The route of the 116 bus from Barcelona, frequently used by tourists to reach Park Güell, has disappeared from applications such as Google Maps and Apple Maps.

This after, under the pressure of the residents of the area, the local authorities requested this from the producers of the applications. The local council refused to confirm or deny that it forced Google and Apple to shorten the bus route, but a Google spokesperson said that this kind of change is only made at the request of local authorities.

Catalans who use the 116 bus to get home have complained that it is always crowded because of tourists who use it to get to Park Güell. Park Güell is the second most popular attraction in Oral, after the Sagrada Familia cathedral.

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