Bucharest tops ranking on the cheapest getaway destinations

A recent study conducted by a global luggage storage provider has unveiled Krakow as the most economical city for a weekend escape in Europe.

The investigation determined the total expenses for a short trip for two individuals in every European city with an airport, covering everything from flights and accommodations to meals and local transportation. These expenditures were then aggregated to calculate the anticipated minimum cost of the trip based on the expected frequency of purchases for each expense.

Krakow, situated in Poland, claims the top spot with a weekend getaway estimated to cost 617.79€. This figure encompasses the average cost for a budget round-trip flight from any UK airport, totaling 217.30€, and the average nightly hotel accommodation cost of 118.54€. Additionally, the average price for a mid-range meal for two individuals is 42.36€, while the average fare for a one-way ticket on local transportation stands at 1.15€.

During a visit to Krakow, whether on a tight budget or not, tourists are encouraged to explore remarkable landmarks such as the Rynek Glowny Central Square, St. Mary’s Basilica, and the Bazylika i Klasztor Franciszkanow.

In the second position is Bucharest, Romania, where a weekend excursion would amount to approximately 655.17€. The city boasts the lowest nightly hotel room rate on the entire list, priced at 100.68€, and the most affordable average meal at McDonald’s, costing 6.98€. Bucharest is renowned for the Palatul Parlamentului /Parliament’s Palace the world’s second-largest government building, and other notable attractions like the Stavropoleos Church and the Romanian Athenaeum.

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, secures the third spot with a total trip cost of 656.59€. To sojourn in this vibrant and colorful city, an average expenditure of 121.35€ per night for accommodations and 245.1€ for round-trip flights from the UK would be necessary.

The city offers abundant sightseeing opportunities, including the Old Town (Stare Miasto), the Palace of Culture and Science, and the Chopin Monument, appealing to tourists of all ages and interests.

Further down the ranking, Riga emerges in fourth place. A weekend in the Latvian capital would incur expenses totaling 676.86€, with only 112.47€ allocated for a nightly hotel room and 59.6€ for a mid-range meal for two individuals, both of which are the second cheapest among the top 10 destinations.

Riga, like all European capitals, exudes history and culture, inviting visitors to explore landmarks such as the Old City, the House of The Black Heads, and the Town Hall Square.

Closing the top five is Prague, Czech Republic, with an average weekend trip cost of 716.76€. Situated in the heart of Europe, Prague offers picturesque landscapes and numerous attractions such as the Orloj (Astronomical Clock) in the Old Town Square and Prague Castle, the country’s seat of power. It also features the lowest round-trip flight cost among the top ten destinations, priced at 197.48€, and the most affordable average inexpensive meal on the entire list, priced at 7.86€.

10 cheapest European cities for a weekend getaway
City Country Cost of trip (€) Rank
Krakow Poland 617.79 1
Bucharest Romania 655.17 2
Warsaw Poland 656.59 3
Riga Latvia 676.86 4
Prague Czech Republic 716.76 5
Budapest Hungary 730.63 6
Istanbul Turkey 730.69 7
Stockholm Sweden 782.29 8
Porto Portugal 787.01 9
Valencia Spain 793.77 10
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