Bucharesters to take ship walks on Herastrau, Floreasca and Tei lakes

An electrified little ship will tour Herastrau, Floreasca and Tei lakes in Bucharest as of next year in a touristic project initiated eight months ago in the Romanian Capital city. The new travel tour on Bucharest’s most important lakes and their surroundings is available on bike, on ship and on foot.

Bucharest General Mayor Sorin Oprescu informed on Friday that an electrified little ship is on the verge of being purchased. The pleasure boat will go on the three lakes through two canal locks, the recreation navigation area being thus extended, as it had been restricted only to Herastrau Lake so far.

The round trip will include bicycle tracks, playgrounds for children, a multifunctional 260-sqm hall, five platforms for cultural and leisure events (four on Floreasca Lake and one on Tei Lake), two amphitheaters, three pools, six touristic ports, 12 landing spots for little ships, little boats, wind surfing and kite surfing equipment, canoe and paddle boats.

Nearby touristic ports and landing spots there will be booking offices, toilets, lifeguards and first aid points. The circuit will be provided with Wi-Fi, while the buildings for services will be supplied with solar energy.

The project worth over RON 88m is 30 percent completed. Bucharest mayor said he would like boat trips to be available in the first months of next year.


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