“Buzău Land”, with the muddy volcanoes and Trovantii from Ulmet, declared a UNESCO International Geopark

“Buzău Land” has today obtained official validation as a UNESCO International Geopark, thus being recognized as a territory with natural and cultural values ​​of global importance.

The UNESCO experts came to Romania in September 2021 to assess the Land of Buzau in the view of granting it the name of geopark.

Members of the UNESCO Executive Board, meeting in Paris, voted in favor of including “Buzău Land” / “Buzău Land” in the select club of international geoparks, which will create unprecedented opportunities for the sustainable development of the region. Of the 16 aspiring geoparks for the title of UNESCO International Geopark, only 8 were validated, including “Buzău Land”.

“Land of Buzău”, with its 18 component communes, becomes after 16 years of joint effort the UNESCO International Geopark, the largest local development project for Buzău County, representative for the Muntenia area and for the whole of Romania.

“Land of Buzau” (video available here), located on the border between hills and mountains, is a completely rural territory that covers an area of ​​over 1000 square kilometers and has a population of about 43,000 people.

Fierbatorile from_Beciu


The Mud Volcanoes, the salt domes, the live fires, Trovantii from Ulmet, the cave settlements and the red amber from Colți are among the most famous attractions of this picturesque region in the curved area of ​​the Carpathians.

The Great Salt Amphitheater


Trovantii/Trovants are some spectacular stone formations, also known as Babele de la Ulmet, Buzau county. They are strangely shaped rocks, usually round ones, and they are said to grow in time, most probably due to rains.

With today’s vote, “Buzău Land” becomes the second geopark in Romania included in the Global Geoparks Network (GGN), after “Țara Hațegului”.

The global list now consists of 177 geographical areas in 46 countries, whose sites and landscapes of international value are managed through a holistic approach, which includes tourism development, education and nature protection.

The official ceremony to receive the new UNESCO global geoparks online will take place on Thursday, April 21, and can be watched live and online on the GGN livestreaming platform.

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