Do Romanians travel differently in different seasons?

Which is a year-round favorite?

Do Romanians choose different destinations depending on the season? Are they going on longer vacations during spring or autumn?

Year-round constants

Regardless of season, Romanians’ favorite destination country is Italy, and their favorite city is, surprise, not an Italian one, but London, according a local travel app. Top 5 countries & cities remain the same all year-round, but they switch positions depending on the season. Also, about a third of Romanians booked their flight tickets  between 21 and 60 days in advance.

Winter – The most affordable

In order of preference, Romanians visit Italy, the UK, Spain, Germany and France the most, but their favorite cities are London, Milan, Brussels, Rome and Paris. Curiously, winter is the only season to feature Vienna in the top 10 cities – probably because of its famous Christmas market.

The average booking window is 24 days for winter vacations, and Romanians spend 6 days away, on average. They pay around 108 euros for their tickets, making winter the most affordable season.

Spring – Perfect for longer city-breaks

Favorite countries slightly switch positions as the weather gets warmer, Italy being first still, followed by Spain, the UK, France and Germany, and so do cities: London, Milan, Paris, Rome and Brussels.

Spring breaks are booked 28 days in advance, on average, and are shorter than winter trips by a day, on average – however, spring is the season that sees Romanians booking more longer trips, with 15% choosing stays of 4 to 6 days, while 8% stay on vacation for 7 to 10 days. Prices increase slightly, at an average of 118 euros.

Summer – When Romanians travel the most

Naturally, summer is the season when Romanians travel the most – a 29.7% increase in flights compared to winter. Top countries remain the same as in spring, only France and Germany switch positions, as do Rome and Brussels, when it comes to cities.

The average booking window is bigger, at 40 days, on average – it seems that Romanians like to plan their summer vacations further ahead. Also, the average stay is longest in summer, at 7 days, with 11% of Romanians booking trips of 7 to 10 days, and they paid 138 euros on their tickets, on average.

Autumn – Off-season getaways

With temperatures being similar, Romanians also favor countries as well as cities in the same order they do in spring – it appears that they like to stick with what they know.

For this year’s autumn, the average booking window is 35.6 days, so far, as Romanians are expected to book flights throughout November, for travels in November, as 12% of them prefer last-minute deals for autumn. The average stay is 5 days, and the average ticket costs 125 euros.


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