Epic view: The Carpathians, visible from Bucharest

An unusual, epic view could be admired in Bucharest these days. The Carpathian Mountains have been visible from the Capital’s center in the past days, even they are 100km away from Bucharest. Meteorologist explained there is a very rare atmospheric phenomenon, which is caused by the air density and the lack of clouds in the sky.

The weathermen say the exquisite phenomenon usually appears during the cold season, in autumn or winter, and that it is mostly related to the air density. Moreover, the sky has to be clear. Practically, the mountains get reflected from the cold air and when the air is very dense, the refraction can be seen.

This was not the first time when the Carpatian Mountains could be visible from the Capital. It also happened in February last year or in March 2015.

So, if you have the opportunity to get on some tall building’s rooftop in Bucharest these days, you might have the chance to catch a glimpse of the Carpathians, provided the sky is clear.



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