Eurostat: Over 6 in 10 Romanians cannot afford one-week vacation

Almost 67 percent of the Romanians cannot afford a one-week vacation away from home. Bulgarians come next (56.4% of them cannot afford this basic vacation) and Greeks (53.6%), says a Eurostat report released on Monday.

Swedes are on the opposite side. Sweden (8.2%), Luxembourg (13,1% since 2015), Denmark (13,7%), Finland (14,2%), Austria (15,4%) and the Netherlands (16,2%) are the countries in the EU registering the lowest percentage of people who cannot afford a one-week vacation.

So, six in ten people cannot afford a seven-day annual holiday in Romania (66.6%) and Croatia (62.8%). Almost half of the population in Bulgaria (56.4%), Greece (53.6%), Cyprus (53.5%) and Hungary (50.7%) cannot afford a one-week vacation on a yearly basis.

Overall, a third of the EU population (32.9%) cannot afford a vacation away from home, the households with children (34.6%) outranking the ones without children (31.3%).

On the other hand, different study reveals that Romanians are champions on holiday posts on social media.

The reason seems to be that Romanians love to show off, showing other people that they are having fun in different places and that they have unique moments from vacations.

52% of the respondents from Romania said they are posting photos from vacations. 24% of the Romanian tourists are updating their posts, while 15% prefer to load video content.

However, 29% of the Romanians are not posting any holiday impressions on social media.

The study has been conducted by on a sample of 24,700 from 22 countries, among which Russia, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Norway, Turkey and UK.

There were 1,000 respondents from Romania, aged from 18 to 65.

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