Fourth Romanian city joins race for European Capital 2021

Sfantu Gheorghe, the capital city of Covasna county, located in central Romania joined the race for the European Capital 20121 title on Monday. Sfantu Gheorghe filed its candidature on behalf of three counties: Covasna, Harghita, Mures.

According to Antal Arpad, the city mayor, Sfantu Gheorghe has remarkable cultural traditions, and the fame of its artistic and cultural events went beyond the county’s border. Besides, a study reveals that Sfantu Gheorghe ranks first in Romania on funds allotted in the cultural field for each citizen.

Three other Romanian cities have joined the European Capital 2021 competition so far: Bucharest, Timisoara and Iasi.

The European Parliament will announce the winner at the end of 2017.

Sfântu Gheorghe is one of the oldest cities in Transylvania, the settlement first having been documented in 1332. The city takes it name from Saint George, the patron of the local church. The majority of the city’s inhabitants are Hungarians.  Among the city’s sights there are the Gothic-style Fortified Church, built in the 14th century, the State Archive, the former headquarters of the Hussar battalions, the county library erected in 1832, the market bazaar build in 1868, with its clock tower erected in 1893. The local theater house is also worth seeing.

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