Free access to Sinaia Casino on Saturday

Tourists can visit the Casino of Sinaia for free on Saturday, during 10:00 and 18:00, to mark two years since the 100-year-old historical monument has been included in the touristic circuit.

Starting 11:00, a flashback of the most important activities held inside the casino starting 1912 up to the present will be presented in the Art Gallery of the casino.

The celebration event will be also marked by two exhibitions, a photo one and a display presenting the paintings and sculptures comprised by the picture gallery of the historical monument.

Sinaia Casino was integrated in the touristic circuit two years ago, 25,000 Romanian and foreign tourists having visited it since then.

Located in “Dimitrie Ghica” park in Sinaia, the Casino was built at King Carol I initiative, following the architecture of the casino in Monte Carlo, and had baron de Marcay as first shareholder. The baron was also a shareholder in the Monte Carlo Casino. The landmark building was actually built in record time, during 1912 and 1913.

The opening was celebrated with fireworks and a piano recital by famous Romanian composer George Enescu and it became a major attraction between the wars.

The Casino used to lure the aristocracy every weekend for roulette, baccarat, rummy, chess, backgammon and morris. The flux of the gamblers of that time is unimaginable nowadays, this “social magnet” hosting at least 800 persons a day, according to

The story goes that, before entering the Casino, the gamblers, confident they will earn a lot of money, used to throw silver coins in the spring well nearby the building, to be in luck.

After the communist takeover in the 40s, gambling ceased. Now the Sinaia Casino is used as a conference center, the building also hosting exhibitions, book launchings and theater performances.

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