Frozen Danube Delta, a new sensation among tourists

A tourist operator from the Danube Delta invites tourists to come to the reservation when the lakes and canals are frozen, for winter nature lovers  in the Delta is an exquisite show, Radio Constanta reported.

The past few days, when there was frost in the Delta, the lakes and canals did not freeze, due to the high water temperature, says Iliuţă Goean, one of the promoters of slow tourism in the Reserve, so photography enthusiasts and tourists who want to see and immortalize nature’s show in the Danube Delta have signed up on waiting lists, to be called when the waters freeze.

Iliuţă Goean says that winter in the Delta can be a fabulous experience for nature lovers, if visitors are properly equipped. “It’s quiet, you no longer interact with a bunch of other boats, it’s that delta where you had the freedom to go where you want and not be trampled by fast ships. Now there are 100 species of birds that winter in the Delta, opportunities for photographers, for birders, for nature lovers. It can be a fabulous experience, if you are well equipped, to go to a sunrise in winter, to walk among the ice”, says the guide.

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