How to become a World Travel Hacker in 2024

For all those wishing to become travel influencers, World Travel Hackers, the most coveted summer job, is returning for 12 duos – and this year, everyone in the run to become a travel influencer gets rewarded, through Flight Crew.

Last year started the search for 6 travel duos to fulfill travel challenges and share their experience on social media with a budget of 10,000 euro. They got 1200 applications from people from 73 different countries (475 different cities and towns), a total of 895 applicants were from Europe, and 40 duos were shortlisted. Finally, 7 were selected to enjoy the summer of their lifetime, from Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, the UK, and Greece.

The ultimate summer job returns for 2024:

The company is looking for twelve new team members for a 4-week summer job to travel the world as World Travel Hackers. This is possibly the most wanted job of the summer as the successful applicants will also get to travel with a like-minded travel buddy of their choice and be given a €10,000 budget to fund their travels. And they get to keep whatever they save!

Who can apply?

To become a World Travel Hacker, applicants need to:

  • Be based in Europe or the US;
  • have at least 500 followers on Instagram or TikTok and a public profile;
  • be fluent in English;
  • have a passport valid for at least 9 months;
  • be able to work as a freelance contractor.

The selected travel buddy should also be an English speaker and needs to be able to travel as freely as the applicant can for the whole four weeks.

How to apply?

Firstly, those interested in applying to become a World Travel Hacker need to sign up for the Flight Crew, here:

This means that even if they are not selected as a World Travel Hacker, they still get rewarded for creating travel content.

Once they are approved, they will get an email and can start posting!

Everyone that creates three pieces of content will get €25 of flight vouchers and will be officially in the running to be a World Travel Hacker. They can post a couple more times to get up to €75 of flight vouchers.

In the first three posts the candidate should:

  • Tell us why you’re the person to choose as a World Travel Hacker
  • Introduce your travel buddy
  • Share your top money-saving tips for traveling

And of course be as creative as possible!

The experience of a lifetime

Bianca, from Suceava, selected as a World Travel Hacker last year, said of her experience: “Traveling made me more aware of how big this world is and how small my problems actually are. It made me more grateful.” To this, her partner and travel buddy, Miles, adds: “Being a World Travel Hacker for is an amazing experience and my best advice for future travel hackers would be just plan accordingly, think of what you’ll need but don’t burden yourself too much, and just have fun and enjoy the ride.”

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