Jurilovca – one of the most beautiful villages in Romania

Jurilovca, a commune in Tulcea County, was founded by Lipovans (lipoveni) at the beginning of the 19th century. The village is located 85 kilometers away from Constanta and 301 kilometers away from Bucharest.  A small village at its beginnings, the establishment developed and became an important fishing center in Danube Delta at the end of 19th century.

Jurilovca is also a tourist center. Among the main attractions in the area we include Golovita and Razim lagoons.  In about 15 kilometers crosswise Golovita Lake you can reach  ‘Gura Portitei’  beach resort, by boat.

Tourists who want to spend a traditional holiday in Jurilovca can rent a house with a history of over 100 years. The dwelling is made out of friendly environmental materials such as reed, wood and clay. ‘We have tried to keep the original aspect, especially for those who appreciate the beauty of folk creations’, said Stephen Constantin (owner of the house), according to Adevarul. The house has two rooms, a patio and a boat (lotca) and you can find handmade carpets on the floor and tinged deltaic paintings hanging on the walls.

Jurilovca preserves traditions from generation to generation. Houses have blue and white colored facades and reed roofs. Men, past their age, have to wear beard, keeping with the religion and women are entering the church dressed only in traditional costumes.

‘Jurilovca locates in a fairytale landscape near the Black Sea and the Danube Delta, a unique watery land and a village included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its amazing biodiversity and sceneries’, the European Commission described the village according to a press release.

In 2013 the Romanian village, next to other touristic places in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey, was included on the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) and awarded for ‘accessible tourism’ for elder people and also for people with special needs.

The local tourist center helps all visitors find answers to any questions they have during their stay in the region and, ultimately, it helps them spend a delightful vacation here.

While in this area one can visit the first Greco-Roman colony in our country. The fortress is called Orgame Argamum (Greek and Latin name of the city). Four Paleo-Christian basilicas were discovered in the area, as well as the oldest Greek tomb in the Black Sea.

In two kilometers from Cape Dolosman, on Bisericuta Island, you can also admire the traces of a Roman castrum. Being a strictly protected area, the nesting place for many species of protected birds, visiting on the island is restricted, but it can be admired sailing around.

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