National Geographic: Maramures in the top 20 of most beautiful travel destinations worth visiting

National Geographic Traveler American magazine ranked Maramures among the top 20 most beautiful travel destinations to visit in 2015. The U.S. journalists featured Maramures region as the old lion-hearted world where millenary traditions are still practiced and where life is lived according to seasons, weather and traditions.

The famous magazine reminds that Maramures is considered “the wooden country”, with locals’ having wooden tools and gates. National Geographic also notes that Maramures wooden churches, included in the UNESCO World Heritage, tell “stories about faith and glory, about saints and sinners, crime and punishment”, stories comprised in the pictures hanging on the wooden walls. Sapanta Merry Cemetery, famous for its flaring crosses and its unusual epitaphs, was also mentioned among Maramures’ main attractions.

National Geographic Traveler recommends tourists who plan to visit this region to spend a night in the Breb village, where they can admire “the most beautiful image of the Milky Way.” The magazine also offers good trip advise about the best time to come to Maramures, about accommodation, restaurants, shopping places and books to read beforehand.

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