New Travel Channel documentary on Romania. First stop, in Oltenia

British journalists from the Travel Channel plan new documentary in Romania. Charlie Ottley intends to hit the road by bike to cross the country up and down to discover the most beautiful sights.

A film crew has already arrived in Oltenia region to shoot the first episode of the „Flavors of Romania” documentary. The first stop was to a handmade carpet workshop in this region (western Muntenia). The carpets from the Bechet museum in Oltenia are acknowledged by UNESCO.

The host Charlie Ottley has pledged to make the Oltenia carpets more famous abroad, too.

I am very pleased that they liked my tiny museum, they made a pleasant surprise to advertise this handicraft and my museum to attract tourists,” said Antoaneta Nadu from the carpet workshop.

The British journalists planned to go 1,500 km every week and to cover 10,000 km countrywide until the end of the trip.

According to Charlie Ottley, the documentary has eight episodes and is focusing on every Romanian historical region to reveal its people, culture, food, traditions, music, landscapes.

After Oltenia, the next stop is in Muntenia (known as Wallachia). Then, the Travel Channel journalists will go to Dobrogea, Transylvania, Moldavia and Maramures.

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