Number of tourists in the Danube Delta reportedly down by 40% due to the war in Ukraine

The number of tourists in the Danube Delta decreased last year by at least 40% compared to 2022, against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, says the president of the Danube Delta Tourism Association, Daniel Ilușcă. However, tourist operators are optimistic about the forecasts for this year.

The largest decrease in the number of tourists, of 65%, was recorded by the guesthouses on the Chilia branch of the Danube, which is the border between Romania and Ukraine, and the smallest decline was observed in the dry area of the reservation, in places in which can be reached by car.

Unfortunately, the Government’s mishandling of the messages sent (regarding the war in Ukraine – n.r.) has seriously affected tourism in the Delta and I can talk about a decrease in overnight stays per county by an average of 40%. The operators on the Chilia branch were more affected, 65%, and those in the area with car access, Mahmudia, Murighiol, Dunavăț, Sarichioi Jurilovca, were less affected,” said the president of the Danube Delta Tourism Employers’ Association (APTDD), Daniel Iluşca.

Some operators from the municipality of Tulcea claim that in 2023 the number of tourists decreased by 30% compared to the previous year. “The decrease was 30% compared to 2022. The amount spent per tourist also decreased. We observe a decrease in the amount spent per family member including at the hotel, but also at the restaurant. It can be seen that they are careful about what they spend their money on, that they share a portion of food with two people”, said the administrator of a hotel in the municipality, Raluca Cacencu, initiator of a tourist destination management organization in Tulcea county.

“People have gotten used to the idea of war and there is a chance they will realize that, if there was no danger for two years, Tulcea county is still a safe destination”, she added though.

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