Old Center, Palace of Parliament and green area, spearheads of Bucharest travel promotion

Bucharest is close to have a touristic brand in the near future, with the promotion campaign ready to start this year. According to Calin Ile, vice-president of the Bucharest tourism promotion association, promotion of the Romanian Capital will start with the Old Center’s nightlife, the city’s green area-parks and lakes, with the Palace of Parliament, Village Museum and Peasant Museum.

“We can promote the cultural life of Bucharest, Enescu Festival, the city’s architecture and history, Bucharest surroundings and many more. All these must be assembled by the experts and this will happen soon,” Ile told Mediafax. He also thought that the most important attraction point for foreigners is the Bucharesters’ was of life and the fact they are friendly and speak foreign languages.

Foreign tourists are mostly dissatisfied with the lack of map touristic point especially in the Old Center area and with the lack of an early events schedule to include the museums’ and cultural shows’ time table. Another reason of discontent are the taxi issue and the lack of parking for rubberneck cats.

The association for Bucharest tourism promotion was set up in July 2014.

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