Over 50% of Romanians plan at least 2 vacations in 2022, study says

Romanians plan to travel more in 2022 and plan to organize between 2 and 4 holidays in Romania and 1-2 holidays in Europe, according to the latest survey conducted by Szallas Group, which includes the online booking platform Travelminit.ro, and Nielsen IQ.

Flexibility, reservations without advance, cancellation conditions remain important criteria in the decision to travel, while the price and location most impact the decision to buy a vacation. Romanians pay between 150 and 350 lei per double room. Prices will increase by 5-10% in the next 2 years, the study further says.

On a larger scale, the research revealed the considerable increase in the willingness of Romanians to travel, the increasing presence of digital operators among tour operators and the essential changes in terms of consumer expectations and priorities for the coming years are among the most important trends identified in the Central and Eastern European region.

Despite the major damage caused by the coronavirus to the tourism industry, the study argues that the industry players in the Central and Eastern European region are optimistic regarding the next period. It is a moderate optimism, fueled by recent opinion polls among tourists in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania. They showed an increased willingness to travel, with statistics even foreshadowing an increase in international travel in the next 2-3 years. Moreover, according to the study, 75% of Romanians want to travel more than in pre-pandemic times in the next 3-4 years to destinations abroad, over 50% of respondents declaring that they want to go at least twice on year on vacation.

An interesting detail, which may be an opportunity for players in the tourism industry in Central and Eastern Europe, is that more than half of the tourists surveyed said they intend to travel to at least one of the countries in the region, most often mentioning states such as Hungary, Croatia and Bulgaria.

“Cultural and geographical proximity has played an increasingly important role in the last two years, so we are witnessing a growing increase in the number of intra-regional trips, with more and more tourists from Central and Eastern Europe wanting to explore the region. . “In order to meet this recent demand, Szallas Group has focused its efforts on finding strategic partners in the region and expanding the accommodation offers in tourist areas as affordable as possible for all categories of consumers,” said József Szigetvári. general manager of the Szallas Group.

Almost unanimously, Romanian tourists want to be able to continue to benefit from the possibility to cancel their trip for free even in the next period, after we leave the pandemic behind. At the same time, 97% of the participants in the study stated that they will continue to put pressure on the hygiene and distance measures that are applied in the accommodation units where they plan to spend their vacation, and 95% would prefer to be able to change their travel dates. at no extra cost. In short, travel conditions brought to the forefront by the pandemic, such as flexible vacations and increased attention to hygiene and social distance, remain key words when it comes to the expectations of Romanian travelers in 2022. Similar preferences have been noted for tourists from all four countries analyzed in that study.

As before, travelers often take into account the same three aspects when booking accommodation abroad: the place where the accommodation is located (distance from the central area, from the means of transport and from the tourist attractions they are interested in) , the price per night of accommodation and the opinions of other guests staying in the previous location. To these are added any promotional offers and flexibility in terms of booking policy. These preferences are also found in the top of tourists from Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland, but for the latter and free wi-fi internet access is a determining factor in choosing the accommodation.

In the case of Romanian tourists, these aspects remain almost completely unchanged when we talk about domestic travel, in the case of domestic tourism, however, there is also the discussion of the availability of a parking space for accommodation. On the other hand, for tourists in Hungary, the possibility of purchasing accommodation with half-board meals is in the first place in the booking decision-making process, those in the Czech Republic are more interested in Spa services, parking and the possibility to take the small lunch on location rather than price, while Poles have similar preferences to Romanians.

Only a quarter of bookings in Romania are made online

Last but not least, according to Szallas Group experts, given that almost all processes now take place online, both hosting providers and customers who want to travel have invested in their digital platforms, applications and capabilities. However, at the moment, only 26% of the reservations made by Romanian tourists are made online, 40% preferring to make accommodation reservations by phone. At the other end of the spectrum is Hungary, where over 90% of domestic bookings are made through digital channels, while the percentage of online bookings in Croatia is 65%, the Czech Republic 60% and Poland 54%.

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