Over 500 Romanians want to become World Travel Hackers

Kiwi.com is offering the ultimate summer job: the chance to travel as World Travel Hackers for a whole month solving travel challenges, with a budget of 10.000 euros – and chosen travelers will get to keep whatever they save.

Over 500 Romanians have already applied to Kiwi.com Flight Crew, the first step to become World Travel Hackers, almost 7 times as many compared to last year. This is no surprise, since research conducted by Stem/Mark on behalf of Kiwi.com shows that, of the six countries surveyed, Romanians are most likely to travel wherever if given a budget of 10.000 euros – 67%, compared to the average of 55%.

The average age of Romanians who applied is 27, and the oldest prospective World Travel Hacker is 48. And, since this is a job for a travel influencer, the average following for Romanian applicants is 6.7K on Instagram, and 14.4K on TikTok.

The travel platform is looking for 12 duos from all over the world to become World Travel Hackers: so far, over 7300 have applied, from over 130 countries.

Those who want to join in can still apply by registering to Kiwi.com Flight Crew: https://www.kiwi.com/worldtravelhackers/, by June 19th.

Then they should create three posts on their social media explaining why they should be chosen as this year’s World Travel Hackers, introduce their travel buddy, and share some money-saving travel tips. However, even those that won’t be selected for this year’s World Travel Hackers, will still be rewarded with vouchers of up to 100 euros.

When it comes to the applicants’ profiles and their preferred travel partners, they’re as diverse as the countries they will be visiting, as highlighted by Christophe Wechsler, Head of Content & Creative at Kiwi.com: “We’ve seen a variety of applicants – from moms, to bodybuilders, to aspiring politicians. One applicant from the US wanted to travel with his mother, while a couple from Slovakia is ready to go on yet another trip, after returning from their 14-month honeymoon.” However, when it comes to Romanians, according to the same survey, 74% name their partner as their preferred travel companion.


The shortlist is already in the making, and Kiwi.com will announce two World Travel Hacker duos per day, starting June 20th.

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