Over 68% of Romanians Have Travel Plans In The Country Within Four Months

According to a survey carried out by Travelminit.ro on the travel intentions of Romanians, 68% of the respondents confirmed that they want to travel in the country in the next four months.

On the other hand, even if they are planning a trip in the near future, their intention has not yet materialized in a reservation: only 26% of them say they will book their accommodation in advance, while 40% oscillate between planning time and momentary improvisation, and 28% claim that for now they are still thinking about the destination and the duration of the stay.

The data shows once again the fact that they are now much more spontaneous in terms of the travel period, being open to last minute promotions, if they correspond to their budget and wishes.

As expected, 61% of them want to travel during the summer, the traditional vacation period, while 10% of them intend to go on a mini-vacation on May 1st and Easter, the rest being currently undecided about the date of the vacation.

On the other hand, it is very interesting how tourists’ preferences have changed in terms of their favorite destinations, mountain destinations currently gaining ground.

40% of them now want a stay in the mountains, 21% of them choose spa resorts, 20% want a seaside holiday, 12% want a city-break, while 9% are looking for to another destination, without specifying its specifics. The votes of the Romanians are also a consequence of their constant demand to improve the services on the Romanian coast, a topic intensely debated every summer season by the authorities and tourists alike.

The ideal price that Romanians say they would be willing to pay for a double room/night: 67.5% say they would pay between 150-300 lei, 15.5% opted for 300-500 lei, and the rest chose other tariff options. In reality, however, these rates can be different, sometimes 5-10% higher compared to the option voted by the respondents, especially if we are talking about accommodation packages that also include meals or additional services (such as access to the Spa center or at the playground, for example).

Also, 36.5% intend to choose accommodation at a guesthouse, 24% voted for a 1-3 star hotel, 21% want a 4-5 star hotel, and 10% choose apartments, to enjoy more privacy, but also at a low price. In their decision to choose one accommodation unit over another, the following factors are counted: price (67% of the votes), accommodation positioning (60% of the votes), hygiene conditions (59% of the votes) and the appearance of the room (58% from votes).

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