Places where you can go splashing this summer

Summer time isn’t always about the seaside; one can go swimming and cooling to other destinations than the Black Sea. We made up a list where you can get away for the summer.

  1. The Blue Lagoon, Cluj

Located in Arghiresu, 30 kilometers from Cluj, the lake is spectacular, with its light blue water, in a sky-liek blue shade. Blue Lagoon, as it was called, is surrounded by limestone rocks and yellowish-green rush bushes, which gives the place a unique look. The Blue Lagoon has this special wonderful color as a result of the existence of kaolin residues that lay on the bottom of the lake.

  1. Razim – Sinoe Black sea Lagoon in Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

The largest lagoon in Romania, Razim – Sinoe is where the sweet water of the Danube and the salt water of the Black Sea meet. Razim – Sinoie, the second component of the Danube Delta Reserve, is situated to the south of the Danube Delta in the southeastern part of Romania, the historical region called Dobrogea. The water of Razim is clean, not very deep and only good for one lap swimming (maximum depth of 4 meters).

  1. Siriu Lake and Vultures Lake, Buzau

Siriu Lake is a barrier lake on the upper course of Buzau River, in the commune Siriu, Buzau County. It’s an awesome destination especially if you like fishing. Near the lake there is and mini-resort, Baile Siriu, with three mineral springs. Among the lesser-known attractions there is the Vultures Lake, a periglacial lake of rare beauty, located at 1,420 meters altitude off, filled with trout. It is a wild location, not so known by tourists.

  1. Uzlina, Sfantu Gheorghe

Uzlina, situated on the Saint George arm (Bratul Sfantu Gheorghe), 38 kilometers away from Tulcea, is a great weekend destination. Besides the beautiful scenery, there you will find a very picturesque village, which has only two inhabitants. During the 1970 flood the inhabitants in Uzlina left for Murghiol but two of them remained. Surrounded by water, Uzlina offers true natural beauty scenery. Departures are from the small tourist port Murighiol.

  1. Iacobdeal Lake, Turcoaia, Macin Mountains

Iacobdeal Lake is located in the commune Turcoaia, in a former quarry on Lake Iacobdeal. The lake called by locals ‘The Fountain’ can be included on the list of Macin Mountains’ tourist attractions due its formation method, unique in our country. The old stone excavations and the scarce vegetation create a rather austere landscape contrasting with the clear emerald-green water. Yet, if you’re a passionate fisherman you should know fishing is forbidden.

  1. Buhui Lake, Caras-Severin

Buhui Lake, situated in the Caras Severin County, in Anina Mountains, 640 meters altitude is the first artificial lake in Romania. You can either go for a nice swim or you can spend some hours fishing. Near the lake another tourist attraction is found – the cave Buhui (over 3,200 meters long) through which passes the river Buhui. The cave is not far from the lake (1km away and should only be explored with special equipment, due to the water inside.

  1. Sohodolului Gorges

Sohodolului Gorges are located inside Valcan Mountains, near the village Runcu, about 14-15 kilometers from Targu Jiu. Sohodolului Gorges are one of the most popular attractions in Oltenia where every year many loving tourists for lesser known destinations camp here. They rank among the wildest tourist destinations in the country and the entire area has the status of national protected area.

  1. Ghioroc, Arad

Ghioroc commune is situated in the contact zone of Z?rand Mountains and Aradului Plateau, on the Matca channel, and it stretches over 4,890 hectares. Ghioroc Lake with an area ??over 10 hectares and with a landscaped beach, is one of the local tourist attraction centers.

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