Razim-Sinoe, the largest lagoon in Romania

Razim-Sinoe Lagoon, the second component of the Danube Delta Reserve, is located in the south part of Danube Delta, Dobrogea region, southeastern Romania. It is the largest lagoon in Romania, with an area of 71,500 hectares. The name of the lake Razim comes from the Turkish-Tatar razi iim that means: I am happy, satisfied – regarding the lake’s good production of fish, while Sinoe – from the Slavic sin –sinii (blue)-the color of the water.

Its hydrographic characteristics allow the navigation with any type of boat, from kayaks to sailing ships. But the most important fact is that the lagoon’s waters confer easy access to the Black Sea and to the Delta’s channels. It is the geographical, biological, historical and ethnographical complexity that makes this area unique. The diversity of birds (312 important bird species) and fish species (about 90 fish species, including populations of sturgeon), the archeological traces and the ethno-cultural multitude make the lagoon and its surroundings perhaps the most spectacular touristic location over the Romanian’s seacoast.

Razim – Sinoe includes Razim Lake, covering 71,500 hectares (which includes Razelm, Golovi?a depressions, Periteasca Grind and) and Sinoe Lake, bounded between Wolves Grind, Black Sea – Dobrogea plateau, an area of ??16,500 hectares. Razim Lake, once called Halmyrissi, has a surface of 415 square kilometers and a depth of 3.2 meters. On the shore of the lake you can visit many archaeological sites of inestimable values, such as the Argamum Fortress and many fishermen villages specific for Danube Delta. In the northern part of the lake there is Popina Island where access is forbidden, as it is a strictly protected area, an important stopover and nesting place for White Shelduck (Califarul Alb) and other animal species protected by law.

Sinoe Lake has a surface of 135 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 2.5 meters. It is a lake with a high concentration of salt. The ruins of the ancient Greek colony of Histria are located on the lake shore.

Razim-Sinoe is by far one of the best offering areas around the country concerning the water tourism. As the lagoon’s water offer easy access to the Black Sea, tourists can enjoy the virgin beaches of the Romanian seashore, just in a couple of hours. Tourists also have the opportunity to go on bicycle tours or they can go sailing, while being able to compose their own trails.

You can also rent a lotca, EUR 50 per day; the price includes the fuel (5 functioning hours limit), the driver of the boat and the touristic guidance. Lotca is a Danube Delta’s specific boat. It is an exceptional boat, original, with excellent nautical characteristics, derived from the Vikings boats, some say. Lotca used to serve as transportation for Delta’s people but is not used anymore, although they are efficient, ecological and cheap.

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