Romanians are choosing the most romantic destinations for Valentine’s and Dragobete

Some seasons are lovelier than others, and Romanians are lucky enough to get to celebrate love on two different occasions in February: both Valentine’s Day and Dragobete. A travel-tech company, looked at where Romanians are traveling in the season of love, and one thing is sure: they are choosing the most romantic destinations.

This year, Romanians will vacation in some of the most traditionally romantic destinations. The top cities they are visiting for Valentine’s and Dragobete are London, Milan, Paris, Rome and Barcelona.

Compared to last year, Paris, the City of Lights returned to the top five destinations, while Venice is no longer in the top 10 destinations, as the popular Carnival is already ending by Valentine’s Day.

Even though they decided on destinations that have plenty to offer in terms of how romantic they are, Romanians have an increased interest for less traditional destinations that are sunny and warmer. Compared to last year, for travels around Valentine’s and Dragobete, the biggest searches increase are for Funchal (67%), Alicante (60%), Abu Dhabi (57%), Las Palmas (53%) and Màlaga (46%).

Over half of Romanians (57%) are choosing city-breaks of up to 3 days for their romantic getaways, while there is an increase in the number of longer stays of 4 to 6 days (23%), as well as stays of 7 to 10 days (14%), compared to last year.

For 2024, Romanians planned ahead for their lovely escapades: the average booking window is 46 days, and over half of them (52%) booked their trips with 21 to 60 days in advance, while 20% booked even further ahead, buying their tickets 61 to 121 days before their departure date. On average, they paid 120 euros for their tickets, 83% of them chose European destinations, and there is an increase in travels to countries in Asia, where 13% of Romanians will spend their romantic getaways.

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