Sarmizegetusa Regia to be scanned by plane

The area of the Dacian fortress of Sarmizegetusa Regia will be scanned by plane in order to identify the main archaeological underground objects. According to the local authorities, the identification scan is meant will enable a concrete programme of research and conservation of the UNESCO site in Orastie mountains.

Hunedoara County Council that is managing the fortress expects that all issues related to the archaeological research will be concluded by mid-July and that the first financing request to protect and preserve the historical monument could be filed by February next year.

The number of tourists who have visited the Dacian fortress of Sarmizegetusa Regia in the first four months of 2017 has exceeded 10,000, which means a rise by 2.5 times compared to the same period last year.

Local authorities from Hunedoara estimate that the former capital of Dacia province will lure at least 100,000 tourists this year.

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