Sfantu Gheorghe, the beach where you can hide away from civilization

Sfantu Gheorghe (Saint George) is a small fishermen village located in the southeastern part of the Danube Delta, approximately 1 kilometer from the mouth of the Black Sea. It is a commune in Tulcea County, Dobrogea region and it is composed of a single village, Sfantu Gheorghe. First mentioned in 1318, the fishermen village Sfantu Gheorghe is well-known for its traditional cooking, including the famous caviar (icre negre).

A 30 minute walk will take you to one of the longest strips of beach on the Romanian Black Sea coast. The beach is quite wide, covered with extremely fine sand and the sea water is not too deep, tourists being able to swim forward at large without the water exceeding 2 meters. Yet, avoid bathing near Saint George Arm’s inflow (Bratul Sfantu Gheorghe) because of the very strong dangerous currents. The beach is part of the Danube Delta Reservation; it is a wild beach, with no upgrade whatsoever and without lifeguard point.

The sand is so smooth because it is filtered by the Danube and the sea isn’t salty, as on south coast, but tastes sweet and is mostly water from the river. Being part of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve camping on the beach is prohibited, but the rules are not as strict as in the case of Corbu Beach and Vadu Beach.

On the beach of Sfantu Gheorghe a special phenomenon can be observed in the nights without full moon, namely, in the sea and on the beach one can see the so called fire beetles that illuminate phosphorescently the sea offering a unique representation especially when there are waves breaking. You can also see this phenomenon on Gura Portitei Beach.

In this small village an independent film festival namely the ANONIMUL (Anonymous) International Independent Film Festival takes place, which goes off for a whole month during summertime. The 12th edition of ANONIMUL Festival, organized by the ANONIMUL Foundation, will run 17th to 23rd August in Sfantu Gheorghe, Danube Delta.

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