The first underwater museum in Romania

This summer, tourists and diving enthusiasts can visit the underwater museum in the Black Sea, which includes submarines, ship wrecks and ancient barges. Many of the wrecks, with beautiful stories, remained on the bottom of the sea until marine specialists discovered them, thanks to a European-funded project.

Romania and Bulgaria collaborated in order to create an underwater museum in the Black Sea, the project receiving European funds worth EUR 1.5 million. The contribution of the two neighboring countries is nearly two hundred thousand euros.

Scientists from both countries worked upon the joint project and proposed the investigation of the cultural heritage on the west continental shelf of the Black Sea, from Constanta till Kaliakra Cape, Bulgaria.

Every object found will remain on the bottom of the sea after being registered. Once the research completed, the explorers will map the relics and amateur divers will be able to see all these underwater treasures.

The latest discovery is a Soviet submarine from World War II. The ship appeared on Romanian scientist’ sonars last week, according to ProTv.
Ship wrecks are all over Romanian coast, from Constanta Casino to Vama Veche. Besides the ancient ships, tourists can also admire the truly spectacular fauna from the Black Sea: sole, cat fish, giant jellyfish and seahorse.

A scuba diving session cost RON 120, equipment included.

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