Transluncani, the Transfagarasan of Timis

Transluncani, a less known alpine road in Timis country, western Romania, can compete with Transalpina or Transfagarasan. The road was commissioned in 2019 following an one-million euro investment. It has 5-km long and it was dug in the mountain.

The Oboare agricultural road (the official name of Transluncani) is located in the town of Luncanii de Jos, Timiș county and is actually a 4.5 km long agricultural road that has been asphalted and crosses a spectacular mountainous area.

However, Transluncani has become a more and more favourite tourist destination for hikers and nature lovers due to its spectacular views, even though it is quite short.
The road is one and a half cars wide with several shelters, and there are no guardrails in many dangerous areas and it has some very steep areas with a gradient of 23%.

First, it climbs steeply in serpentines, then there is a flatter section with some steep climbs and finally it reaches a plateau at approx. 700 m altitude. After this plateau follows a very steep descent with a slope of 23% and which has a length of approx. 1.5 km.You can discover Transluncani both by car and by bicycle.

Other sights nearby: Taul Ursului (a mountain pass in Poiana Rusca Mountains representing the county border between Timis and Caras Severin counties), Fagetului Peak, Surduc Lake, Romanesti Cave, Pades Peak (the highest peak of Poiana Rusca mountaints) and Ruschita marble quarry ( with marble in various shades, from white to gray, pink, yellowish-pink and reddish).

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