Travel destinations for the Pentecost holiday in Romania. The seaside, most sought-after one

Most of the Romanian tourists will go on the seaside during this Pentecost mini-holiday. Hotelkeepers announced that about 50,000 accommodation places are available in the Romanian Black Sea resorts during this long weekend, according to the first executive vice-president of the Tourism Employers Federation (FPTR), Dragos Raducan.

He pointed out that Mamaia resort would be preferred this year as well, mainly for the three-star hotels with breakfast included.

However, the FPTR official warned that the resort might have a not very pleasant look because the restaurant owners are not compelled to open their venues. “We, the hotelkeepers, make great efforts to bring tourists, and the restaurant owners only want to take advantage in the season peak,” Raducan complained.

Another favored destinations for this early June holiday are the mountains and the countryside, particularly the pensions in the resorts on the Prahova Valley, around Sibiu and Cluj, as well as the Moeciu-Bran area.

According to the FPTR, spa resorts with swimming pools, such as Calimanesti, Felix, Sovata, will be also on the list for those who cannot reach the seaside and are in search of an alternative to the sea.

FPTR has launched the programme “Seaside for everybody” a week ago, proposing cheaper prices by 50% compared to the ones in the season peak. The programme will run until June 18.

For instance, prices for Mamaia-Constanta-Eforie area will mount to RON 235 for a six-night stay for one person at a two-star hotel, and to RON 265 for a three-star hotel, breakfast excepted.

Tariffs will climb to RON 315 for a two-star hotel with breakfast included, RON 425 for a three-star hotel, RON 485 for a four-star hotel and RON 650 for a 5-star hotel.

In the southern side of the seaside (Costinești, Olimp, Neptun, Jupiter, Cap Aurora, Venus, Saturn, Mangalia, 2 Mai, Vama Veche resorts), prices will go down to RON 179 for a 2-star hotel, RON 199 for a 3-star hotel, RON 379 for a 4-star hotel and RON 469 for a 5-star hotel, breakfast included. The price is for a six-night stay for one person.

12 hotels on the seaside have joined the discounted programme so far, offering accommodation of 1,450 seats, which means that about 5,000 tourists will be able to enjoy the discounts in the seaside resorts by mid-June.

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