Where did Romanians travel in 2019?

Because the year is approaching its end and a new decade is about to begin, the metasearch momondo team created an interactive map that shows what data says about the tops, trends and prices of Romanian tourists in 2019. This study reveals the cheapest and most popular cities, both inside and outside the borders of Europe. In addition, the analysis of specialists from momondo shows the countries against which the interest of Romanians has increased significantly this year, thus revealing future travel trends.

Top destinations: Rome, London and Barcelona in the top of the list

The big European capitals remain top of the list for Romanians, who choose to spend their holidays in the lands of Rome, London or Barcelona more than anywhere else in the world. Vienna, Milan, Paris and Athens follow closely the Italian, English and Spanish metropolises, and medium prices that do not exceed 150 € for round trip flights explain, in part, these first 10 preferences of Romanians.

The most popular destinations worldwide in 2019
Destination Average round trip flight price


1 Rome 59
2 London 78
3 Barcelona 139
4 Vienna 62
5 Milan 47
6 Paris 133
7 Athens 67
8 Luqa 96
9 Paphos 77
10 Istanbul 140


The search trends reveal the pursuit of Romanians for adventure and diversification

In 2019, Romanian travelers are more than curious to know countries far from the borders of Europe. The desert landscapes typical for the Middle East, the lands laden with history and the presence of one of the seven wonders of the world placed Jordan in the first place among the trendiest countries, with a 222% increase in flight searches compared to the previous year. It is followed at a considerable distance by Austria (+ 80%), Latin American countries (Panama, Mexico and the Dominican Republic) and Asian destinations (Japan, Indonesia, Philippines).

The desire of Romanians to discover new horizons is also proved by the spectacular increase of searches to the Thai province of Phuket (257% more sought than in 2018).

Mother and daughter looking from above at The Treasury, Petra. This is one of the most elaborate temples in the ancient Arab Nabatean Kingdom city of Petra. Petra is a historical and archaeological city in the southern Jordanian governorate of Ma’an that is famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system.
Top Trending Countries in 2019 (Worldwide)
Destination % increase in flight searches compared to previous year
1 Jordan 222%
2 Austria 80%
3 Panama 75%
4 Japan 73%
5 Indonesia 57%
6 Mexico 47%
7 Croatia 47%
8 Philippines 43%
9 Mauritius 38%
10 Dominican Republic 27%

Low budget: The cheapest destinations in 2019

Of the 100 most popular cities this year, Milan is the cheapest European and Worldwide city, with an average round-trip ticket price of just 47 €, as close as possible to the capital of Germany (only 49 €). The following three places, with prices not exceeding 60 €, are occupied by Italian cities: Pisa, Rome and Pescara. Pisa is also one of the cities that experienced the biggest drop in flight prices – 50% cheaper than in 2018.

Looking outside Europe, the capital of Jordan and the Israeli resort Eilat are as cheap as the cheapest European flights: 52 €, respectively 56 € (on average) for round trip flights. From 140 € in 2018 to 52 € this year, airline tickets from Romania to Amman have enjoyed the biggest price drop (63%) among international flights. Travelers interested in discovering exotic parts of the world at a discounted price can look to Moroccans Fez and Marrakech or, for an average price of 246 €, venture to the land of extravagant Dubai.


The cities with the cheapest flights in 2019
In Europe Worldwide
Destination Average round trip flight price


Destination Average round trip flight price


1 Milan 47 Marrakesh 52
2 Berlin 49 Antalya 56
3 Pisa 54 Istanbul 123
4 Rome 59 Tel Aviv 128
5 Pescara 60 Dalaman 140
6 Vienna 62 New York 143
7 Venice 65 Boston 188
8 Palermo 65 San Francisco 212
9 Marseille 66 Amman 231
10 Athens 67 Dubai 246


¤ The study is based on the searches of return flights in economy class, carried out on momondo.ro, between 01.07.2018 – 20.10.2019 and between 01.07.2017 – 20.10.2018 for trips between 01.01.2019 – 31.12.2019 and 01.01.2018 – 31.12.2018 to all destinations, excluding those from Romania. Prices are subject to change, and offers may become invalid.

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