Where do Romanians travel on Easter, May 1?

This year, Easter falls later, but better for Romanians: paired with the Labor Day bank holiday on May 1st, right before Good Friday, spring break is best spent away on a vacation or with family.

Based on bookings made on a tech travel platform by Romanian nationals, a lot of them are coming home for Easter, especially from London, Brussels and Rome. However, those looking to travel abroad prefer Italy, Spain, the UK, Germany, Turkey, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium, and there is increased interest in warmer destinations, including Egypt and the UAE. Turkey and UAE, saw a notable increase in bookings – 59.3% and 126.6 – respectively, compared to last year’s Easter.

When it comes to cities, most Romanians coming home arrive in Bucharest, Iași, Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara, while those traveling abroad turned their attention to London, Rome, Milan, Istanbul, Barcelona, Paris, Venice, Brussels, Athens and Budapest.

The most popular travel dates for this year’s spring break are April 27th and May 3rd, so it seems that Romanians are choosing two types of vacations: longer ones, making the best out of the public holidays, or those choosing short and sweet breaks. Compared to last year, they’re booking longer vacations, on average: 8 days, compared to 7 in 2023. For this Easter, 46% of Romanians booking on Kiwi.com chose city breaks of up to 3 days, 20% will spend 4 to 6 days away, and 19% chose stays of 7 to 10 days.

Romanians paid, on average, 173 euros on their plane tickets for their Easter breaks, a 19% increase compared to last year. However, those who chose long-haul destinations paid, on average, 435 euros, about 12% less than last year. Short-haul tickets cost, on average, 128 euros, while medium haul flights cost 191 euros.

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