Where do Romanians travel the most this fall?

After two years in which the aviation industry was marked by the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, travel is once again on an upward trend. But the sudden increase in the number of flights after a long period of break also triggered a crisis that affected all operators, a crisis that led to crowded airports, delayed or canceled flights, lost or misplaced luggage, strikes, a general chaos that dominated aviation in recent months.

Currently, even if things are far from being fully resolved, it seems that the end of the summer season has reduced some of the problems faced by passengers. According to the data published by Vola.ro for the period September 15 – December 1, 2022, Italy, Great Britain and Spain, countries where there are large communities of Romanians, but which are also frequently chosen by our tourists, lead in the top of the most popular destinations in Europe in these months.

Italy, still the main travel destination for Romanians

As expected, being the country with the largest variety of cities to which you can fly from Romania, Italy occupies the first position in the list of the most popular European destinations this fall. This is followed by Great Britain and Spain, which dominates the ranking both from the point of view of the number of reservations and from the point of view of actual tickets.

The list of the most requested destinations is completed in the autumn months by Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, Holland, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Portugal and Turkey, countries frequently chosen by Romanian tourists for city-breaks, the favorite vacations of this season . Also, countries such as Austria, Portugal and Spain have the highest number of reservations for two people, a sign that these destinations are mostly chosen by traveling couples.

As for the duration between the moment of booking the flight and making the trip, it seems that it is returning to the intervals before the pandemic. If before, due to restrictions and last-minute changes, Romanians booked their flight as close as possible to the departure date, now they book, on average, 34 days before departure. According to data provided by Vola.ro, flights to Portugal have the largest window, being booked 54 days in advance, while flights to Ireland are the most spontaneous, being booked only 19 days in advance.

This fall, the cheapest plane ticket costs 80 euros
According to the data issued by Vola.ro, the most popular destinations are also the cheapest. For example, the average price for a ticket to Italy costs 80 euros, the cheapest flight this fall. Cheap flights can also be found to Belgium, Austria and Denmark, which are destinations served by several airlines. The trend is easy to intuit: the higher the demand for certain flights, the lower the prices and the more attractive the destination. At the same time, it is worth mentioning the preference of travelers for direct flights (chosen by 57% of Vola customers), to the detriment of those with stopovers (chosen by 43% of travelers), which, although they often offer better prices, are not as easy to manage.

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