Which are Europe’s most popular campsites and which are the best in Romania?

Camping.info, one of Europe’s top camping guides, has identified the most popular campsites for more than 30 European countries. The ranking is based on more than 228.000 reviews from over 150.000 campers. Additionally, camping.info gives an overview about the international camping prices. For more information, please see the following press release:
According to the survey, the best camp sites in Romania are Camping Cheile Rasnoavei, Vampire Camping Bran, Camping Route Roemenie. Average Price for a Night in Romania: 15.42 Euro.

With over 23,000 campsites and more than 90 million page impressions per year, www.camping.info is one of the largest information and booking portal for camping in Europe. Now, camping.info has identified the most popular campsites per country as well as it has compared the average prices per night for these destinations. Throughout Europe, two adults pay between € 12.85 and € 37.22 on average per night for a pitch incl. vehicle, electricity and local taxes on a campsite during the peak season. “Camping is very trendy at the moment and the industry is booming”, exults Maximilian Möhrle, CEO of camping.info, the travel and booking portal based in Berlin.

Most popular campsites per country in Europe:

Albania: Camping Lake Shkodra Resort
Austria: Camping Grubhof
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Auto Camp Green park
Belgium: Camping Blaarmeersen
Croatia: Polidor Family Camping Resort
Czech Republic: Camping am See Václav
Denmark: Skiveren Camping
Finland: Rastila Camping
France: Camping Le Luberon
Germany: Campingpark Kühlungsborn
Greece: Camping Gythion Bay
Hungary: Margaréta-Bia Guest House & Camping
Italy: Luxury Camping Schlosshof
Latvia: Apalkalns Kempings
Lithuania: Vilnius City
Luxembourg: Europacamping Nommerlayen
Montenegro: Camp Full Monte
North Mazedonia: Camping Rino
Netherlands: Recreatiepark Het Winkel
Norway: Kjørnes Camping
Poland: Camping Alexa
Portugal: Camping Beira Marvao
Romania: Camping Cheile Rasnoavei
Serbia: Camping Zasavica
Spain: Camping La Ballena Alegre Costa Brava
Sweden: Långsjön Stugor & Camping
Switzerland: Camping Hüttenberg
Slovenia: Camping Plana & Bar 66
Slovakia: Mara Camping
San Marino: Centro Vacance San Marino
United Kingdom: Abbey Wood Caravan Club Site

Camping in Europe: The price comparison

Considering the whole of Europe, the price range is from 12.85 up to 37.22 per night for two adults on a pitch incl. vehicle, electricity and local taxes in the high season. Please find below the average prices for each country:

€ 37.22 Switzerland
€ 36.95 Italy
€ 36.06 Croatia
€ 34.12 Spain
€ 31.92 Austria
€ 30.13 Slovenia
€ 30.00 Denmark
€ 25.79 Norway
€ 25.42 UK
€ 25.21 Germany
€ 24.86 Luxembourg
€ 24.82 Sweden
€ 24.70 Finland
€ 24.60 Greece
€ 24.54 France
€ 23.95 Netherland
€ 23.63 Ireland
€ 22.34 Iceland
€ 21.33 Belgium
€ 20.96 Hungary
€ 19.44 Lithuania
€ 19.12 Estonia
€ 18.92 Portugal
€ 18.04 Serbia
€ 17.99 Latvia
€ 17.97 Slovakia
€ 17.15 Bulgaria
€ 16.85 Czech Republic
€ 16.81 Bosnia and Herzegovina
€ 16.54 Poland
€ 16.47 Montenegro
€ 15.42 Romania
€ 14.96 Turkey
€ 14.72 North Mazedonia
€ 14.67 Moldova
€ 12.85 Albania

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