Liberal MP says list with restrictions for seven ruling coalition politicians, including Dragnea, is under way

National Liberal Party deputy Florin Cîţu, has posted on Facebook that he had a discussion with an official representing a partner country who told him that restrictions or visa denial actions are to be taken against seven PSD-ALDE politicians and that Liviu Dragnea, nicknamed “Daddy” will open the list.

I attended a discussion where, among others, there were also present representatives of two countries with which Romania has strategic partnerships. One of them took me aside and asked me what the hell is happening with Romania. He was concerned. Among others, he told me very clearly that the justice independence is vital in his country and in the rest of the countries that are NATO members. Our partners are looking for the most efficient way to give a clear signal to Romania that they don’t agree to what is happening. He was obviously talking about the politicians’ attacks against judiciary to solve their personal issues,” the Liberal deputy writes.

Florin Cîţu revealed that the foreign official had told him that actions against some politicians might be taken, including interdiction to attend meeting with their counterparts.

In their view, the experience so far, the actions against some countries that don’t respect democracy have not proved to be efficient if they were applied only to the states (economic sanctions, embargo, etc). He explained to me that sanctions taken against some political leaders are more efficient. He gave me the example of Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Iran. So, our strategic partners can take actions against some politicians who generate instability in the area.

Measures can range from visa denials up to interdiction to attend meetings with their counterparts, bank account surveillance, restriction to bank transfers, etc.,” Cîţu also says, claiming there is already a “black” list for Romania, with seven politicians on it.

There is already a list of seven politicians from the Government and from the Parliament who are about to get such sanctions. He also revealed some names. Ministers and MPs from the PSD-ALDE coalition. <Daddy> opens the list Activation of these sanctions is imminent,” the Liberal lawmaker concludes, reminding that former PM Adrian Nastase was also informed in November 2012 that he travel visa had been withdrawn.

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