Sebastian Ghita, heard by Romanian prosecutors for extradition through videoconference on Monday

Former MP Sebastian Ghita is to be heard in Serbia by the Romanian prosecutors on Monday, through videoconference in the view of extradition. The hearing was supposed to take place today in the “Ponta-Blair” file, but it has been postponed for Monday for Ghita has asked that the videoconference should be attended by his lawyer chose from Serbia.

The videoconference is due the High Court of Cassation and Justice and was asked by Ghita himself, after stating he wants to actively take part in the trial. The hearing will be behind closed doors.

Sebastian Ghiţă is in the custody of Serbian authorities after he was identified by authorities in Belgrade on April 13, having false ID papers.

On Ghita’s name, arrest warrants have been issued in two National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) files.

Prosecutors have made five requests to place Ghita under preventive arrest in the “Ponta-Blair” file. Ex-PM Victor Ponta and Sebastian Ghita are investigated for the way the visit of the former British PM Tony Blair in Bucharest has been financed. The investigators say that the Ghita would have paid the visit when he was just a businessman, in exchange for an eligible seat in Parliament.

Romanian authorities have asked for Ghita’s extradition, after he has fled the country at the end of last year, before being heard at DNA. Sebastian Ghita is investigated in no less than five different cases.


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