Romanian farmers awarded at upcoming PRIA agriculture conference

PRIAevents organizes PRIA Agriculture conference, accompanied by PRIA Romanian Farmers Awards, where Romanian farmers will be awarded this year as well, in Bucharest on September 28th, 2017.

PRIA Agriculture Conference is the most important event of the autumn for agriculture and is a real platform for debate between the authorities, farmers and the companies operating in the sector.

PRIA Gala is dedicated to Romanian farmers who have invested financial resources, a lot of work and their experience over time and thus helped to develop or maintain Romania’s agriculture in a good place in the EU.

Within this gala we will recognize the efforts and the contribution of the Romanian farmers who have invested Romanian capital, time, work, knowledge and energy for our agriculture.

The agriculture is vital for the whole world. EU allocates a large budget and a special attention to this sector. This is why the Common Agricol Politics consolidates the competitiveness and sustainability for agriculture in EU by granting direct payments of farmers, by market measures and financing programs for the development of rural areas in the Union.

Farming plays an important role in Romania as well, but there is still room for growth, as the Romanian potential in the agricultural sector is very high. The upcoming conference will tackle all these the problems the farmers are facing, but will also try to find solutions or suggestions in order to increase the potential of the Romanian agriculture.

Among the guests there are Petre Daea, minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; Grațiela Gavrilescu, Minister of the Environment; Elena Oana Iacob – Secretary of State, Ministry of Public Finance; Laurențiu Baciu – President, League of Associations of Agricultural Producers in Romania (LAPAR); Emil Dumitru– President, CN ProAgro; Daniel Constantin– Former Minister of Agriculture and Environment; Valeriu Tabara – Former Minister of Agriculture; Adrian Pintea – General Manager, Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture (APIA); Radu Codruț Ștefanescu – Chairman of the General Directorate, National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising (ANCPI); Tudorel Andrei- President, National Institute of Statistics, as well as a representative from CEC BANK.

Important topics will be discussed during the conference: the Government’s priorities regarding the agriculture of Romania; applying the stipulations of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) and the Common Fisheries Policy; drought and irrigation system in Romania; the purchase and the sale of agricultural land, cadastration; futures contracts in agriculture; European funds and simplification of procedures, grants and payment situation; creating a mutual fund – once it can take effect and what risks will it cover; agricultural chambers – how they can be organized; tax measures for agriculture – eg. debt relief with subsidies, VAT obligations; the minimis scheme for the energy required by farmers; law51 and the farmer-retailer relationship; the role of the Ministry of the Environment in agriculture; balance of 2017, and solutions to have a better agriculture in 2018.



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