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ANAF backs away on controversial draft regarding access to data of card payers

The tax revenue authority in Romania wants to have unconditioned access to the information related to the identity of the card owners whenever they make an electronic payment. The Finance Ministry’s proposal is part of a new draft law intended to amend the obligation of the economic operators to use electronic cash registers.

According to the envisaged amendments, in case of any electronic payment made by cash card the entity that is managing the transaction will have to inform the National Agency of Fiscal Administration (ANAF) and provide it with information on the terminal ID, the merchandiser ID, the number, value, hour and minute when the fiscal receipt was released, the number of the card, the authorization code of the payment and all details on the identity of the card’s owner, Gandul reports.

Practically, the tax revenue body will have access to all details of the electronic transactions in Romania, including the data of the operator and the personal data of the card’s owner without the user’s permission and notification and without the court’s green light.

However, the Finance ministry had the first official reaction, announcing it considers droping out some of the controversial stipulations. For instance, the ministry says that it will give up asking the stores to provide the customer’s card number if he paid by cash card.

The ministry also considers giving up to ask the banks to give data that the banks don’t have, yet without explaining what are these data.

“Following consultations with the employers of the banking system on July 27, the Finance ministry and ANAF have already considered amending the article referring to the number of the cash card due to security reasons,” reads the ministry’s press release.

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