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Romania quits natural gas imports until March 2017

ANRE postpones gas prices hikes for November 1

The National Authority for Energy Regulation (ANRE) postponed the decision to increase the gas prices for household consumers until the approval in Parliament, by law of EO 64/2016, ANRE President Niculae Havrilet stated.

The change in the final price is due to enter into force on 1 November.

”We have postponed the decision on gas prices (…) as there will be changes that will have a major impact on the final price too. It’s about the fact that the storage service will be deregulated and the mandatory stock exchange quotas for the producers will be also changed,” Havrilet explained.

According to EO 64/2016, gas producers will have to sell 70 percent of the production through the stock exchange and at the same time, OPCOM will become the only natural gas wholesale exchange recognized by law.

Havrilet also said that he has received assurances that the ordinance will be adopted in Parliament this month so that ANRE can decide on a new final gas price to come into force on November 1 and to take into account the amendments made by the ordinance.

Emil Calota, ANRE Vice-president, announced a week ago that the gas price for households will increase on average by 6 percent in the fourth quarter of the year as of  October 1.

Havrilet pointed out that the final prices for electricity and natural gas for households, set by ANRE, reflect the exchange rates.

This comes after PSD President Liviu Dragnea said on Monday that the successive increases in energy and gas prices are not justified and the culprits will be identified by the parliamentary inquiry commission for ANRE’s activity.

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