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Anti-corruption head Kovesi: The recordings from DNA meeting, fake
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Anti-corruption head Kovesi: The recordings from DNA meeting, fake

In an interview to ziare.com, the chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi said that the recordings from the DNA meeting featuring her and her subordinated prosecutors, are not real, but they are edited excerpts from an operative meeting of the directorate referring to criminal files that are not in the public stage yet.

Kovesi was allegedly recorded while telling prosecutors that she wants to ‘isolate’ the file with the (sold) houses and to target the prime minister and while giving other controversial orders to her subordinates.

Kovesi warned that even the ongoing cases could be jeopardized be these fake tapping.

What was released in the public space is not even respecting the meeting’s time line. Phrases and sentences from one part of the meeting were mixed with other sentences from another part. And there are phrases and sentences that I have never used,” she explained, adding the tapping had been expertized.

The journalist asked the DNA head how come these sentences and injurious words could be heard with her voice. “It’s very simple, when you edit an audio recording, you can make collages from words. There is commercial software also available on the Internet that can produce these collages. I have never used those expressions. I never talk with my colleagues this way,” Kovesi replied.

As for the recall of prosecutors Mihaela Moraru and Doru Ţuluş, the DNA chief prosecutor explained she had ordered some checks on the two prosecutors’ files since March and the checks had revealed they had to be sacked.

The anti-corruption head also said that she had never asked any prosecutor to propose a preventive arrest or give a certain ruling in a file. Her statement comes after ex-DNA prosecutor Mihaela Moraru had stated that Kovesi urged her to propose the preventive arrest against Elena Udrea although it was not required.

About Tel Drum case

The DNA chief prosecutor also talked about the Tel Drum case, showing there has been a file on this affair that had been closed down in 2010. However, Kovesi says she hasn’t particularly read that file, while also avoiding to confirm or invalidate if it was related to the PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea.

She confirmed though that DNA could check including the shares to bearer, rumored as allowing Liviu Dragnea to hold total control over Tel Drum, yet mentioning that “evidence is still needed in the end”.

We can check a lot, the problem is that information must turn into evidence, that sometimes we have, some other time we haven’t. We can check any information related to money or financial circuits,” Kovesi stated.

Asked that, thus, the shares to bearer are not “the perfect crime”, Kovesi said: “No, they are not”.

Regarding the Rise Project investigation with Tel Drum, Kovesi said that, at least since 2013, when she has taken over the DNA’s helm, the directorate “is not investigating the way a person gains a fortune or how he is managing his fortune.” “We investigate if there are corruption deeds related to the way the fortune has been acquired,” she added, reminding there are institution that must check this aspect, like ANI.

“We don’t choose targets, we don’t investigate a person for he has five villas, for he is a prime-minister or minister. We investigate deeds that are under our authority,” Kovesi underlined.

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