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Artmark puts up Ceausescu villa in Predeal for sale

Former communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s villa in Predeal mountain resort is among the buildings that the new Artmark’s division, Artmark Historical Estate, is putting up for sale, next to other historical and cultural monuments such as Teleki Castle and Greceanu Cula/ Mansion (cula is a typical walled mansion built by boyars in Oltenia to defend themselves against the Ottomans’ invasions).

Artmark Historical Estate portfolio includes historical nationally and internationally valuable monuments such as Teleki Castle, Greceanu Cula, Pogany Castle, but also monuments belonging to the local cultural patrimony such as Ion Mihalache Memorial House, Niculescu-Bujoiu Mansion House, Zottu House.

But the most famous of the residences that are not classified as historical or cultural monuments is the villa of Nicolae Ceausescu in Predeal. Built in 1927, the villa became the first Predeal residence of the former dictator in the 1950s, when he was deputy minister of Defence and head of the Army’s Superior Political Directions. The villa is located in the protocol residences area, with the villa used by the former President being in the neighbourhood.

As for Teleki Castle, it is located in Dumbravioara, Mures County and it is one of the most pompous inherited monuments in Ardeal. The construction, which authentically respects the neo baroque style, was the residence of the noble family Teleki, one of the richest families in Ardeal during the 18th and the 19th centuries.

Teleki 2

The castle was famous for his British-style dendrological park, for his stew and riding field, which used to lure high-ranking guests such as King Eduard the 7th of Great Britain or the Bulgarian King Ferdinand I. Teleki Castle can be turned into a hunting castle or an historical touristic residential compound, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Greceanu Cula/ Greceanu Mansion is one of the most spectacular historical monuments in Armark Historical Estate’s portfolio. It is located in Maldaresti, Valcea County and it is the oldest “cula” in Romania. In 1936, the famous Romanian writer and artist Olga Greceanu, descendant of the boyars who owned the mansion, painted several frescoes featuring the entire history of the boyars’ family.

cula-greceanuWell-known for its originality, the building has been frequently used as shooting scene for many Romanian films.

Artmark is due to launch its Historical Estate division on January 28.






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