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‘At the highest level, there’s just hostile rhetoric against Russia,’ Ambassador Kuzmin says

Russia is annoyed that Romania hosts NATO troops, says the Russian Ambassador in Bucharest Valeri Kuzmin, in an interview granted to Realitatea TV. The envoy denies Romania being caught between pro-Russian states. Kuzmin claims the ‘historical reconciliation’ between Romania and Russia can be done following the pattern set by France and Germany.

“In Bucharest, at the highest level it’s just hostile rhetoric, on the other hand we talk about reconciliation. Reconciliation means effort, a large social consensus is needed. Maybe we can make that effort. But if you invite foreign troops on your territory… then you accuse us of influencing the fragile regional security balance,” Ambassador Kuzmin said.

The Russian envoy says Moscow has had other influences as well on Romania, not only bad ones, as it is said in an anti-Russia aggressive rhetoric. Russia has fought many wars to free the Balkans, including along with the Romanian Kingdom, and sacrificed money and lives on behalf of the common Orthodox inheritance.

“There was an extended feeling of a nation, of friendship, of spiritual solidarity, as the money collected to endow the army and the volunteers to fight against the Turkish domination in the Balkans was collected by the churches,” the Russian diplomat said.

He claims Romania is not caught between pro-Russian countries and that states such as Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary are not under Russia’s influence. The Ambassador also says Romania and Russia are forced to cooperate due to the geographic neighbourhood and due to trade and economic interests.

“We have sound and large fields for reconciliation or, better said, to resume the pragmatic common cooperation based on interest in our relationship. They are related mainly to geographic neighbourhood and trade and economic interests, set historically, necessary due to the needs of our times. This is the basis. If we want to go deeper into history, my answer would be we should follow the European example, with an integration of the historic development, between France and Germany, countries that fought wars for hundreds of years. This could be a way out,” the Russia ambassador said.


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