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Austrian Airlines has brought Vienna closer to Bucharest through coffee. Café Viena, the new trendy pop-up cafe in town

Austrian Airlines has opened “Café Viena” pop-up cafe in Bucharest inside „Beans&Dots” venue on Wednesday, announcing on this occasion that it has increased the frequency of the flights to Vienna from Bucharest, Iasi and Sibiu.

The Austrian flag carrier will thus promote Vienna in the Romanian capital for the upcoming week, December 5-11, through the culture of the iconic Viennese coffee, within the newly launched pop-up cafe.

The traditional Viennese coffee houses have been included on the UNESCO world heritage patrimony list and this cultural inheritance will be also projected in Bucharest.

Coffee is also part of the Austrian Airlines tradition, with the airline providing passengers on business class with the „coffee above the clouds“ service, on all flights from and to Vienna. Through this concept, Austrian Airlines is serving ten specialties of Viennese coffee.

According to the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, there were 2,638 coffee houses in Vienna in 2018, and 100 of them are part of the UNESCO patrimony. Besides the wide variety of coffees (Wiener Melange, Franziskaner, Einspänner, Maria Theresia or Fiaker), pastry and international newspapers, the Viennese coffee houses are also famous for their marble tabletops, the Thonet chairs and chandeliers.

For business or leisure, lured by the charm of the Imperial city’s sights or exclusive events, Romanians are traveling more and more often to Vienna, with official statistics saying that, since 2007 to 2017, the nigh stays have increased from 229,598 to 308,759. The airline estimates that one in two Romanians visiting Austria is flying by Austrian Airlines.

Moreover, due to the growing demand on the Romanian market, Austrian Airlines has decided to use larger Embraer 195 and Airbus 320 aircraft, which made the number of passengers rise by 10% in the past 5 years. Austrian Airlines has up to five daily flights from Bucharest to Vienna, while also linking the Austrian capital to Sibiu and Iasi six times, five times respectively, a week during the 2018-2019 winter season.

Café Viena at Beans&Dots

All blends of Viennese coffee will be made after traditional recipes by an Austrian barista at the pop-up Café Viena@Beans&Dots, where coffee lovers will be able to attend workshops every day in order to learn how to prepare coffee cocktails. Moreover, participants will be able to attend a special bar show with coffee cocktails made by flair bartending world champion Valentin Luca, a book club with a reading session from Edmund Waal’s „The Hare with Amber Eyes“ or an Aquarius concert.

Exclusive raffle

Besides the Cafe Viena offer, visitors can take part in a raffle on cafea.austrian.com where they get free coffees at the Cafe Viena or can win exclusive prices, such as a unique trip by Austrian Airlines to Viena, plane tickets or a set of premium Austrian Airlines luggage.

Peter N. Thier, head of corporate communications Austrian Airlines, has also „popped up“ in Bucharest on Wednesday to attend the Cafe Viena opening, saying the airline’s intention was to bring the coffee house tradition from Vienna to Bucharest. „The reason we came to Bucharest is, besides that we have a long, lasting tradition on coffee houses, but also because next year we‘ll mark 60 years since Austrian Airlines is flying to Bucharest, we were among the first international carriers coming to Romania in 1959. We bring 4,000 passengers a year from Romania to Austria,“ Thier stated.

The Austrian Airlines officials were accompanied by barista Evelyn, who used to be a flight attendant working at the Austrian Airlines and who has masterfully prepared exclusive coffees as if directly from the heart of Vienna.

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