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Avenir Telecom brings Energizer smartphones to Romania

Avenir Telecom launches kiosks in malls selling Energizer phones and accessories

Avenir Telecom , one of Romania’s largest distributors of mobile phones, accessories for mobile phones and telecommunication services, is launching a new retail concept that consists in opening kiosk type Energizer stores in the commercial galleries of the major shopping centres in Bucharest and across the country, a press release informs.

“The decision came as a result of increased sales of mobile phones and accessories in the entire market, supported by the consumption behaviour of the Romanian buyers, who want high quality, certified products and with extended guarantee at affordable prices. In this context, we consider an opportunity to open our own kiosk-type shops, where we will sell only Energizer products”, says Costin Soare, General Manager of Avenir Telecom.

Thus, Avenir Telecom brings a new premiere to the Romanian market, the new business line being a local initiative, once in February, Romania was the first country in Europe where the company launched the new range of Energizer phones even before being presented at the Mobile World Congress.

The first Energizer store was opened in Baneasa Shopping City and sells over 100 unique products.

Thus, all three categories of Energizer mobile phones existing on the Romanian market can be purchased: Energizer Power Max, Energizer Hardcase, Energizer Energy.

In addition to the inauguration of its own Energizer stores, the new business line also includes the distribution and export of Energizer mobile phones and accessories outside the country, thus, Avenir Telecom, the local subsidiary of the French group Avenir Telecom SA, becoming a regional distribution hub.

“We will start distributing and exporting Energizer mobile phones and accessories in four countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Republic of Moldova, sales in these regions being managed from Romania starting this year”, says Costin Soare.

The opening of the new business line is part of Avenir Telecom’s development strategy, designed to provide the company with a better presence at both national and regional levels.

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