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Beauty of Entrepreneurship – November 9, a day to get memorable for the entrepreneurship in Romania!

The first international conference on entrepreneurship, leadership, businesswomen and not only, the Beauty of Entrepreneurship 2016, is kicking off in Bucharest on November 9, 2016 (At Magna Hall, Law School, Bucharest University).

International speakers guided by Perry Timms will meet in the Romanian capital at the initiative of the National Association of Entrepreneurship in Romania.

And for many women don’t know yet their real strength and value, this is the right moment when they can found themselves. Our speakers will provide you their full support, with Yvette Larson conveying her message:
“November 9, 2016-it’s the day we’ll bring magic and sparkle. Besides that, you’ll obtain information that you can turn in tools to reach your goals, wherever you’ll be on your entrepreneurship path. Women are excellent communicators and good relation builders. That’s why Social Media is for us, women. We’ll discuss about who you are, to what values and where you are heading, in terms of vision. We’ll talk about your superpowers, as talents and aptitudes, and how you can have a positive impact on the world by using these gifts. During the event we’ll share our experienced challenges to one another and the obtained success, we’ll support each other and we’ll make an inspirational framework, where we’ll encourage one another and we’ll succeed to strengthen the entrepreneur community in Romania!”

Yvette Larson is a social media strategist with The Bucharest Lounge as main age and 20 smaller, niched pages about Romania. She is writer and journalist through her own blog, Bucharest Lounge, and on Republica.ro.

The tickets for the Beauty of Entrepreneurship 2016 conference are available at www.bilete.ro; www.eventim.ro; www.bilet.ro; http://www.startickets.ro/; www.ticketnet.ro.

Tickets can also be purchased by e-mail request to cristina@anaa.ro.

And because we know how important it is to be together with your friends, colleagues and partners, we made a special offer for groups of minimum 5 persons !

Purchase at least 5 tickets (any type of ticket: 1st or 2nd category) and we will make a Beautiful offer of 15% discount for the whole package. Come with your friends or partners at this special event!

The conference will tackle several main topics, such as:

The role of social media in business and implicitly in the entrepreneurship – For we have to easily and quickly adapt and the technology development plays a major part in this respect;

The correct approach and catching the essence of every situation, but also your essence – For we have to become a good analyst, to always keep on your toes and to know to recognize your values and the others’;

What actually means to be a leader? – It’s a question that you imperatively need to answer when you come to the decision of becoming an entrepreneur and not only. Only that in entrepreneurship you’ll be ‘tested’ every day for the leadership abilities, even if it’s you or you have partners or employees;

How do you choose the right team? And in order to succeed to set up the right team intuition, objectivity ad leader abilities are needed.

Beauty of Entrepreneurship means a lot more interesting topics and stories of some people who had the courage to follow their dream, international speakers who will turn a conference into an epic event aiming to get recurring in Romania.ww_kv_1600px-7

Among the national and international speakers to attend the conference there are Perry Timms, TEDx Speaker, founder of PTHR (People and Transformational HR, known as a playful, passionate and engaging speaker, who delivers talks about the role of social media within the workplace and gives insight into the future of HR, across the UK and internationally; Penny Haslam, Professional Speaker of the year 2016, business journalist and former BBC broadcaster, having worked in national radio and television for fifteen years; Karin Tenelius, Speaker, inventor, author and entrepreneur, also founder of Tuff Leadership Training in order to deliver training in the skills needed to succeed for managers who wanted to lead in a more co-worker involving way; Julie Bishop, social media and staff recruitment expert founder of Jobhop.co.uk, the site where great companies and great candidates socially network with employment in mind; Branislava Antovic, blogger and fashion stylist from Serbia, running one of the most read fashion and lifestyle blogs in Serbia; Yvette Larson, a Swedish social media strategist with The Bucharest Lounge as main age and 20 smaller, niched pages about Romania. She is writer and journalist through her own blog ,The Bucharest Lounge, and on Republica.ro; Maria Andrei, organizer and Artistic Director of fashion events, having worked as a Fashion & Beauty Director with some of the best magazine labels such as Cosmopolitan, Beau Monde, FHM, Burda, Eve and many others; Paul Renaud – Certified Executive Coach (ICF), specialized in peak performance, Brain- Science & Marketing. He coaches Entrepreneurs, Managers & Executives. Paul is a TEDx Speaker and he’s the Author of „A Networking Book”, available on Amazon and Carturesti; Amalia Iscu – co-founder in 2005 of TangoTangenT©, an Argentinian tango club and school, together with her husband Gilbert Iscu and her dance partner Daniel Măndiță; Gilbert Iscu –Tango Tangent co-founder, event coordinator and marketing specialist and Daniel Mandita – also Tango Tangent co-founder, personal trainer and coach.

The conference will end with a gala ceremony and a cocktail party to be hosted at the Sheraton Bucharest Hotel.

You can read further details at: http://anaa.ro/beauty-of-entrepreneurship/

The Romania Journal is among the media partners of the conference.

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