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‘Bigar Waterfall’, the most spectacular cascade in the world located exactly where the 45th parallel passes

‘Bigar Waterfall’, part of the Natural Park Nera-Beusnita, locates at 12 kilometers from the city Bozovici (Caras Severin county). The water springs from Bigar Watercourse in about 200 meters altitude and flows into the Minis River, falling from a height of 8 meters moss-covered rock.

‘Bigar Falls’, nominated by the U.S. online publication ‘The World Geography’ as the most spectacular waterfall in the world, is located on the wayside, exactly where the 45th Parallel passes.`The wonder of Minis Gorges`, as locals call it, is unique in the world due to the spectacular show of the water spread in thousands of threads on the green moss-covered cliff. Bigar Waterfall looks just like ‘something out of a fairy tale’, according to Huffington Post.

As expected, there is a legend linked to this place telling that (teacher Floarea-Ana Tunea has created it, trying this way to attract as many tourists as possible to this area), there was a family of peasants in Almajului Valley. The man was hard-working and honorable and his wife, of a rare beauty. Their only sourness was they couldn’t have children. One night the woman dreamt a witch who told her the only way she could get pregnant is if she drank water from the spring beneath the rock located at the border between the worlds. But if she gave birth to a girl, she could never fall in love if she wanted to live. The woman drank from the river and she gave birth to a beautiful girl who fell in love with a young man called Bigar. The girl’s father tried to make her forget about the boy, but because she wouldn’t give up their love, he locked her in the cave above the spring. The girl’s cries of despair were heard by a witch and, persuaded by her suffering, she told her the only thing she could do is to turn her hair into a waterfall on which her tears would slip. Her beloved would come to her, but they could be together only on the other side, so the boy threw himself in the waterfall and thus they were united.

At about 15 km from Bozovici village, in Eftimie Murgu on Almajului Valley you can visit the watermills from Rudaria. The old cabins built on the river side take the breath away of every tourist and visitor. You can find here the largest complex of the southeastern European region: Complexul Mulinologic de la Rudaria, part of UNESCO heritage.  Tourists come here to see the watermills dating from late 19th century.

The mills are functional and the villagers still grind wheat or corn here. Every mill is named after the families they belong to or after a local legend, such as: ‘Rosoanea’. ‘Popascu’, ‘Frizoanea’, ‘Viloanea’ , ‘Îndaratnica dintre Râuri/The stubborn among Rivers’, etc. ‘Îndaratnica dintre Râuri’ is a special one, as its wheel functions counter clockwise.

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