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Black Cube allegedly had 2 clients in Romania

Black Cube Israeli private intelligence agency clenched two different contracts in Romania, the first one in March 2015 with businessman Dan Adamescu as beneficiary and the second one in February 2016, with the former intelligence officer Daniel Dragomit, sources close to the case told Hotnews.ro.

Worth GBP 600,000, the contract with businessman Adamescu, sentenced to prison meanwhile, would have targeted to make the anti-corruption directorate (DNA) drop charges in his file.

Black Cube was supposed to run a campaign to that purpose and launch some messages such as “DNA destroys the foreign investors”, “DNA acted at Ponta’s command in Adamescu case” or supporting the idea that the anti-corruption prosecutors are anti-Semitic.

Adamescu family also strongly lobbied abroad in the international media to present the businessman as a political victim of the Ponta Government, who would have sanctioned him for the editorial policy of the “Romania libera” newspaper.

Dan Adamescu was sentenced to prison, with DNA arguing that during June-December 2013, Bogdan Alexander Adamescu and his father, Dan Adamescu, paid EUR 15,000 and EUR 23,000 to magistrates Ion Stanciu and Elena Roventa, judges at the Bucharest Tribunal, so that they should rule in favor of some companies that had Dan Adamescu as shareholder in some insolvency procedures.

In the second case, former officer of the Romanian Intelligence Service, Daniel Dragomir, detained by the organized crime directorate, would have signed the contract with the Israeli Black Cube in February 2016 for GBP 900,000 with the purpose of compromising the DNA head, Laura Codruta Kovesi.

However, judiciary sources revealed that the former intelligence officer is just an interface, as he couldn’t have had so much money. Information disclosed that it was in fact a collection has been made to raise the GBP 900,000, with several important officials investigated for corruption paying.

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